Located at the heart of Southeast Asia, Singapore is known as a vibrant and diverse city. This city, consisting of multiple cultures and ethnicities, is notorious for its excellent education system. Singapore is also known for having a well-established business and industrial community, as well as a strong financial centre, a key regional trading centre and the world's busiest port.

Singapore is the fastest growing economy in the Asia - Pacific region, which welcomes over 90,000 international students every year. The city has a strong culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, celebrated and supported by large investments. The city has also been recognised as a world leader in research and innovation with well-established corporate and public R&D investment. These are just a few of the many attractions Singapore has to offer!

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Tomas Sutas Photo

Tomas Sutas - Finance Manager ACCA Part-Time Alumnus

Sriya Chauhan Photo

Sriya Chauhan Trainee Accountant, London Luton Airport

Elena Toma Photo

Elena Toma Financial Controller, EGS Group

Murad Uddin Photo

Murad Uddin Finance Assistant, Education Sector