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Joining LSBF will give you the chance to learn in a new city, surrounded by a brand new culture, combining an ACCA qualifcation with a Masters or MBA degree. Whether you take the Advanced diploma with ACCA or ACCA with an MSc, these courses will help you succeed in your future career. Whether you choose to study online, blended learning or on-campus with our strategic academic partners, we’re sure you won’t find a better way to improve your career prospects and see where the world can take you.

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Highly qualified, award winning tutors.

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Joining LSBF will give you the chance to learn across multiple global locations.


Studying a dual degree means double your chances to get a job in a tough market

Tailored study options

With LSBF, you will have the flexibility to combine your study path the way you prefer.

Flexible online learning

Our online learning platform allows you to study whenever you want, wherever you want.


Tomas Sutas - Finance Manager ACCA Part-Time Alumnus

Sriya Chauhan Trainee Accountant, London Luton Airport

Elena Toma Financial Controller, EGS Group

Murad Uddin Finance Assistant, Education Sector